The Worm and the Angel


           (Intro: G Am C G Em D G Gsus4 G)

           G                        Am
           One night I dreamed that I was dead 

             C                G
           A butterfly flew into my head 

            Em                D
           "How do ya do" she said 

           "I'm an angel" 

           She said no more, she said no less 

             C                    G
           I said "can you get me out of this mess

                  Em              D 
           If you can well then I guess you must be an


           But then a worm crawled up my nose 

               C                      G
           And said to the butterfly "I suppose 

               Em                    D 
           You think because of your beautiful clothes

           You're an angel" 

           Well the butterfly smm-iled a knowing smile 

               C                  G
           And said "a miss is as good as a mile 

           Em                   D     
           Nothing on earth can cramp the style of an 

           G      Gsus4 G

           (Instr: G Am C G Em D G C G)

           G                           Am
           Then the worm said "I'm not satisfied 

               C                G
           And if you'll kindly step outside 

                Em                   D
           In a civilised way we can soon decide who's 

              G      C  G
           an angel" 

           G                  Am
           Well I was turnin' in my grave 

               C             G
           The worm began to rant and rave 

                   Em            D    
           And the butterfly did not behave like an 

           G    C  G

           (Instr: G Am C G Em D7 G C G)

           G                Am
           Then I awoke and found them gone 

             C                           G
           I looked at the trees and the morning sun 

               Em              D
           and wondered if the worm had won or the 

           G    C  G

           G                      Am
           It's not every day you see the light 

           C                G
           But after such a restless night 

             Em               D                   G
           I knew that only a worm could fight an angel 

           C  G

           (Instr:G Am C G Em D7 G Gsus4 G7)

          This is on Off The Record, isn't it? Yeah.