(Intro:  C  Em  Am  C  Em  F  G)

C     Em     Am          *(Am/G)
Wendy Wetlip stares from a poster 

  C          Em       F           G
Ignoring the drawing adorning her smile 

    F                   Em
Her lover has shuffled away 

Am                G
Looking the other way 

C          Em             Am     *(Am/G)    
Ronnie the Raincoat hangs out in a book store 

C          Em           F           G
He's never seen his own wife in the nude 

F                     Em
Somebody called him depraved 

    Am                    G
But think of the money he saved 

(Instr:  C  Em  Am  *Am/G  C  Em  F  G)

Dwarf on a moped speeds through the park 

To Killroy's Renaissance the Temple of Art 

Signs with a flourish and makes it his own 

Pockets his pencil and slyly rides home 

(Instr:  C  Em  Am  G  C  Em  F  G

         F  Em  Am  G)

C      Em       Am    *(Am/G)
Annual cultural African dancers 

  C       Em       F            G
Bereft Isabella in rubber thigh boots 

  F                  Em
A man was arrested today 

    Am                     G
For something he put on display

(Instr:  C  Em  Am  *Am/G  C  Em  F  G)

Ending:  Am........[Fading]

         Am  Em  Am

         Am  Em  Am

         Am  Em  Am

*Where Am/G occurs (ie. Am with a G bass note), Am can
just be played without the bass note. (NB: the bass
note doesnt really work that well on just guitar here;
it works better with a bass).

**For the chord sequence [C Em], can instead play [C
then Em/B] (ie. Em with a B bass note).

          I want to see what all the fuss is about with this 'display' thingy...