Randy Raquel


             (Intro: Am  Dm7  Em  F  C 
                   Dm7  Em  F  G Am)

           Dm7                  Em
           No one can see me or hear me 

           F                   C
           I'm all alone in my room 

           Dm7                    Em
           No one can touch me or hurt me
           F                   G
           As I prepare my balloon 

                     Am              E
           Naked and bare, realistic hair 

                        C                     G    Am
           Taking great care I breathe in the air; 

           (whooosssshhhhhh... wwhooosshhh...) 

           Dm7           Em
           Randy Raquel, I think you're swell, 

           F                   C
           My sweet inflatable you 

               Dm7           Em
           You never say no; or come and go 

           F                          G
           You're always faithful and true 

           Fantastic dream... 

           Elastic and cream... 

           Plastic and steam,... 

           ..spastic supreme 

                   Dm7  Em  F  C  Dm7  Em  F  G  Am
           Randy Raquel 

          Singing from experience, perhaps?