Unfinished Words



   Am  *(Am6  Am7)  Em  *(Em2  Em+G)

   Am  *(Am6  Am7)  Em  *(Em2  Em+G)

G          **G+/D#
  Unfinished words like these 

Em        ***G7                    C
  Unfinished words like cheese and onion 

  Cm                    G                **G/F#
  Help me to write this marzipan song 

Em           Bm   Em            D
  Unfinished words, flying like birds 

G      G/F#   Em  ***Em7     Am 
  High in the sky   above my deck chair 

  Em   *(Em2  Em+G)

  Am   *(Am6  Am7)   Em   *(Em2   Em+G)

G              G+/D#    Em         G7               C
  I don't like anchovies on top of strawberries and cream 

  Cm                G                     G/F#
  Pink litmus paper shirt turning blue 

Em            Bm  Em        ****Dsus4   D
  Kippers and jam,  custard and spam 

G     G/F# Em       Em7      Am        
  Are only just the stuff of dreams 

  Em  *(Em2  Em+G)

  Am  *(Am6  Am7)   Em  *(Em2  Em+G)


G   G+/D#              Em           G7                           C
  I can't pretend to be someone who pretends to be someone else 

          Cm                    G     ****(Gsus4)   G    G/F#  
  Or so my pretend friend tells me 

Em           Bm    Em           D
  Unfinished words, flying like birds 

G   G/F#    Em      Em7    Am    *(Am6  Am7)   
  Colliding circles in the sky 

   Em  *(Em2  Em+G)

  Am           *(Am6  Am7) 
  Left is right 

      Em       *(Em2  Em+G)
  and right is wrong 

  Am  *(Am6  Am7)     G6

     *During the intro and other parts of the song, these 
      chords change very quickly from:
      Am -> Am6 -> Am7 
      Em -> Em2 -> Em+G
      Em2 =  Em chord with added 2nd note (F#)
      Em+G = Em chord with extra G note

     (Refer to tablature below for suggested fingering
      of these chords).

      If desired, these extra chords (shown in parentheses)
      can be omitted, and just Am and Em can be played 
      where indicated.

      Suggested fingerings (tab):

      Am    Am6   Am7       Em    Em2   Em+G


(Numbers shown in parentheses indicate notes that
 don⤙t have to be played)

    **Chords shown such as G+/D# and G/F# indicate the chord
      to be played, followed by the accompanying bass note
     (in the case of G/F#, for example, a G chord with an F# 
      bass note). These bass notes don't have to be played, 
      however, and the chord can just be played on its own.

      A suggested fingering for G+/D# (= G augmented with a 
      D# bass) has been given in the tablature below:



('X' indicates a string that isn't to be played)

   ***All of the G7 and Em7 chords throughout the song 
      can also be played as follows:
      G7  -->  G/F  (G with an F bass)
      Em7 -->  Em/D (Em with a D bass)
      Although they sound more like G/F and Em/D in the 
      recording of this song, it probably sounds more 
      appropriate to just play G7 and Em7 if playing with 
      just a guitar on its own. 

  ****The chords Dsus4 and Gsus4 are VERY BRIEF passing chords, 
      and don't have to be played.

          Did Martin Lewis write this?