Cool Britannia

traditional, with help from Stanshall/Innes


Key: Bb

Capo 1, play A

       Bb  Eb Bb Cm  F7  
Capo: (A) (D)(A)(Bm)(E7)  

       Bb  Eb  Bb  Eb  Bb  F7  Bb  F7
      (A) (D) (A) (D) (A) (E7)(A) (E7) 


 Bb      Eb
(A)     (D)
 Cool Britannia 

 Bb Cm              F7 
(A)(Bm)            (E7)     
 Britannia, you are cool 

 Take a trip! 

 Bb Eb   Bb        Eb 
(A)(D)  (A)       (D)  
 Britons ever ever ever 

 Bb    F7  Bb   
(A)   (E7)(A)
 Shall be  hip 

 Hip me! Hip me! 


Instr:  Bb  Eb  Bb Cm  F7  
       (A) (D) (A)(Bm)(E7)

        Bb  Eb  Bb  Eb  Bb  F7  Bb  Eb  Bb
       (A) (D) (A) (D) (A) (E7)(A) (D) (A) 

**Intro NOTES (to be played before chords in intro) 

            Bb Ab Bb Ab F  Ab A   Bb}
{With Capo:(A)(G)(A)(G)(E)(G)(G#)(A)} 

[IMPORTANT: NOTES only in this case, not chords!!!]

          I wish America had a cool song.