Canyons Of Your Mind



Capo: 1, play A

Intro:  Bb   Eb   Bb
 Capo: (A)  (D)  (A)

*nc                                                Bb  Eb  Bb
(nc)                                              (A) (D) (A)   
 This is the 'B' side of our platter, sports fans 

 nc                                                        Bb Eb Bb  
(nc)                                                      (A)(D)(A)
 And I'm singing, just for you, covered in sequins..uh ha

 nc                     Bb    Eb   Bb                     
(nc)                   (A)   (D)  (A)
 In the canyons of your mind

 nc                         F7
(nc)                       (E7)
 I will wander through your brain

                           Cm        F7 
                          (Bm)      (E7)  
 To the ventricles of your heart, my dear

 nc                    Bb     Eb   Bb          
(nc)                  (A)    (D)  (A)  
 I'm in love with you again

'cross the mountains of your chest

 I will stick a Union Jack

                       C7            F7  
                      (B7)          (E7)      
 To the forest of your cheek, ah...

 nc                               Bb    Eb   Bb       
(nc)                             (A)   (D)  (A)    
 Through the holes in your string vest


 **Instr: Bb   Eb   Bb   F   F6   F7 
         (A)  (D)  (A)  (E) (E6) (E7)

          Gb  B    Gb  Bb  Eb  Bb
         (F) (Bb) (F) (A) (D) (A)

 nc                                  Eb           
(nc)                                (D)                               
 My darling, in my cardboard colored dreams

(Cardboard colored dreams)
 Once again, I hear your laugh

(Oooh, oooh, oooh...)
 And I kiss, yes, I kiss, your perfumed hair

(But she's not there)

 nc                            Bb
(nc)                          (A)
 The sweet essence of giraffe

 Eb    Bb
(D)   (A)
(Of giraffe)

 nc                             Eb
(nc)                           (D)  
 And each time I hear your name

(Frying Pan, Frying Pan)
 Oh, oh, oh, my, my, how, how it hurts

(He's in pain)
 In the wardrobe of my soul

(Of my soul)

 In the section labeled "Shirts"

 Bb    Eb   Bb   
(A)   (D)  (A)
(Aaah... aaah)

 nc         Eb     
(nc)       (D)             
 Ah... ah,

 nc         Bb     
(nc)       (A)     
 Oh... ah,

 Nc                         C7   F7        
(nc)                       (B7) (E7)            
 I... I mean it, I... mmm

 nc                       Bb   Eb   Bb7  Bb dim  Bb7         
(nc)                     (A)  (D)  (A7) (Adim)  (A7)      
 Oh! (Burp #1) (Burp #2)


*nc = no chord to be played here, unaccompanied.

** = incredible, bizarre guitar solo that is either brilliant, or entirely made up on the spot, while drunk, with Vivian 
screaming like a looney to incite further what the hell is this?

Capo chords indicated in parentheses.

          Essence Of Giraffe, the new fragrance from Vivian of London