I Give Myself To You


I Give Myself To You 

 C                 C#dim             G            
(ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba YEAH!) 
 C                 C#dim             G            
(ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba YEAH!)

*nc                 C
   I give myself to you 
   For I know 
   I've so much to give 
   Oh ho 
                Em           Am
   And when I'm feeling this way 
           D7             **G7          G
   There's just one thing I gotta say 

nc            C
   Believe me darlin' 
   Believe me 
         Em        ***(Ebm)
   I'm incredible 
   Dm       G   (G7)       C        A
   Whenever life becomes inedible 
       Dm       G     C     Am
   You know you can rely on me 
         D7                  G    G+
   To provide an alternative recipe 
   C                   Am             Em       ***(Ebm)
   Innocent moments of boredom can corrupt you 
   Dm                G                     C       A
   There are so many bestial things to get up to 
       Dm         G                C       Am
   The world is a manifestation of you and me 
         D7              G                  C     C7
   Every star in the sky, every drop in the sea 

   F         F#dim       C         Am
   Open your eyes to the energy of ugliness 
            Dm            G7          C            C7
   It's the same thing as beauty, all things being equal 
   F          B              Em           Am
   It's no surprise then you feel full of emptiness 
       D                  G          G+
   The pattern of life is so full of detail 

   C        Am            Em            ***(Ebm) 
   Let me explain the inexplicable (WE WANT TO...)
   Dm          G    (G7)     C          A
   Then let me solve the inextricable 
   Dm            G                C          Am
   Then when I'm through, all the world will see 
        D7      G7      C 
   I've given myself to me 
            Fm              C
   (HIM.....SELF... TO..... HIM!!!!)

     *nc indicates that no chord is to be played.

    **In the recordings of this song, many of the G7 chords are 
      more implied by the backing singing than by the instruments 
      themselves. These sevenths can sound a little harsh if actually 
      played this way with instruments, so they can be played as 
      normal G chords instead if desired.

   ***The Ebm chords indicated by *** are very brief linking chords,   
      and don't have to be played.

  ****Minor differences may occur between the different versions 
      of this song.

          The song that started it all.