Back In '64


			Many years from now 

			          D7            B7              Em
			When your grandchildren climb upon your knee 

			    Gm                             D
			You may be quite astonished to see 

			         E7                              A
			How many channels they can change on t.v. 

			              D                 Dmaj7
			When some old film in black and white 

			      D7               B7           Em
			Comes on and there you are upon the screen 

			         Gm                                    D
			Or is it someone just like someone you've been 

			        E7                 A      A+
			Looking not a day over nineteen? 

			G               Gm
			"Grand dad" the little ones are asking you 

			D           F#m     Bm        D
			"Why do you look so sad?" (so sad)

			       E7                              A    A+
			So you tell them all about the fun you had 

			D         A+                D    D7
			Back in '64 before you were born 

			B7                             Em                A7
			People had no time for pouring scorn (or scoring porn) 

			On dreams of love and peace 

			No one was obese 

			E7                       A     A+
			Only tight trousers were worn 

			D         A+                   D       D7
			Back in '64 we were at it like knives
			G                           F#
			Back in '64 the time of our lives 

			    G              B dim
			Was in the present tense 

			         D                B7
			Now does that make common sense 

			    E7                   A7                D      A+
			Any more than girls with hairdos called beehives? 

			(Instrumental: D  A+  D  D7  B7  Em  A7  D  E7  A)

			D         A+                D     D7
			Back in '64 before you were born 

			G                           F#
			Back in '64 before you were born 

			       G                  B dim
			But as you've gone on and on 

			     D            B7
			Your audience has flown 

			    E7                               A7    
			And as you find yourself all on your own 

			        D           Dmaj7
			You may wistfully recall 

			    D7          B7     
			How Benjamin Disraeli said that 

			Em                       Gm
			"Life is too short to be small" 

			         D                  Dmaj7
			Or maybe like some old time song 

			D7           B7
			Overall it's long - so 

			Em      A7          D      Bb    D
			so long... it's all over. 

          The end of this song reminds of a bad time... let's just move on...