It is quite fortunate we actually get to this gig. The agents have given us the 19th instead of the 17th and it was only because of a phone call from Danny, having himself been alerted by a fan who lived in Camberley that there was confusion about the dates, that we checked and found out the correct date. It is quite close to Horsham so not sure what size audience we will get but pleased to see at least 200+. The theatre is a lovely old theatre with ornate wall decorations and raked seats. It is owned, as are most of the theatres on this tour, by local councils. A harassed looking manager informs me of commission etc. Come home from here because Neil has to get to London for a series of interviews for American radio on the 19th so straight to bed for him when we finally get home. He manages a few hours sleep before getting on the train for London. It is very jolly but Neil is slightly disappointed to find they have come all the way to London to do their usual ‘Drive time live’ programme so there is no chance to discuss anything in depth. Which prompts me to ask -Is there anything discussed in depth on American Radio? Apart from right wing religious programmes discussing in depth global issues like ‘should a woman stay at home while her husband goes to work’. Quite frightened us when we travelled across America to hear the biased brainwashing that goes on. I suppose people can choose to listen or choose not to, but did we miss good old Radio 4!!


Brainwashing of a dietary kind ? US 2004

Neil’s thought for the day ‘One man’s polymath is another man’s scatterbrain’.

Tom’s poem Religion – ‘Eternal, Internal, Infernal.’