Recording in Australia is complete. Some final mixing to be done. Superb contributions from everyone involved – including Andy Partridge [XTC] – I could not be more THRILLED! But, right now, my options are limited. Mastering, Artwork, Manufacture and Distribution have yet to be funded and I have no more money to spend.

Yvonne has set up a GoFundMe campaign ( and we have received some wonderful messages of support and some very generous donations but as yet, not enough to complete the project. The main message still applies: “Refund, Re-donate, Relax.”

In other words, IF you DO get a Refund, please Re-donate to – if NOT – you can still Relax – you will get what you “pledged” your money for. We now have all your details on file – more T Shirts will be sent out and I will begin the Handwritten Lyrics in a day or two – when I hopefully stop waking up at 3am…

Remember, Pledge still has £23K+ of YOUR money that they have NOT given to ME!

As for the songs and the music – it looks like the “spring” release will have to be put back by at least a couple of months. I wish you could hear them all now! I’m looking at ways to release some “previews” of what’s been achieved. We have 16 songs – an eclectic mix of grooves and styles – a full CD – 60 minutes – but too many to put on a vinyl LP.

Decisions, decisions, this is a complex message to get across and of course, NOBODY wanted any of this excremental arithmetic heaped upon us by the “Fast Buccaneers” at Pledge! But as we all know – these days especially – Shitheads happen! Hey ho. For now, and over and over, Yvonne and I THANK YOU all for your patience, support and generosity. We can only hope that you will be utterly delighted when it all finally comes together.

xx N + Y