“THE NEW ALBUM” and PLEDGE MUSIC. Last year, Steve James and I got together to plan a “New Album”. [Steve worked with me on both Rutle albums and the Innes Book of Records] We approached Pledge Music and launched a campaign. In December 2018, a target of £25,000 was reached. Musicians and Studio were booked – in Brisbane – where Steve lives.

Just before setting off on January 18th – I was advised that money due would be “delayed”. There was no choice, fares were paid, accommodation arranged – I had to hope – and go. Recording began on January 24th. Then the news broke that Pledge Music had run out of money. I have tried to get the word out that I will do my utmost to deliver what contributors ordered. Yvonne and I managed to send some T Shirts before we left – and we shall do the others and the Handwritten Lyrics when we get back. But we don’t know who ordered CDs, Vinyl, “Bundles” or Tickets for the “Live Show” in London. It is a complete mess – not helped by being unable to read emails addressed to this site until we return [February 20th].

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Awaiting a last call from Pledge before activating alternative funding methods – either Arranged Overdraft or GoFundMe. Never a dull moment – the songs are sounding great! xx Neil