Neil Innes – NearlyReally




Neil’s new album for 2019

CD – €20 +PP per CD

THANK YOU for supporting this new album. It could not have been done without your help. And while we are all in this together, a few of us – me, Steve James and the “Dream Team” – have actually been though The Best of Times – not one bad vibe in any of the recording sessions! NOT one single ONE!

However, many of us have had to endure The Worst of Times – yes – the collapse of and all the subsequent outrage and heartache. But we have got this far, and hopefully now there can be good times for all. These songs are meant to be shared – as music is meant to be shared. Thank you ALL!

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  1. Old Age Becomes Me
  2. Folk Song
  3. Different Ways
  4. Surly in the Morning
  5. Something to Say
  6. I So Don’t Care
  7. Like Father Like Son
  8. Cats Don’t Like The Rain
  9. Give It Up
  10. Disillusioned
  11. The Filthy Rich
  12. Soft Shoe Shuffle
  13. Mother Nature
  14. Body and Soul
  15. Song of the Sky
  16. Just Sitting Here