FELLOW Pledge Music victims! This is where we are: We aim to release a CD of the new album by the end of July. It is now called “Nearly Really”. Everyone who pledged support for this project will be credited online with all the other sleeve notes, photographs and lyrics.


  1. Got a refund and donated again to GoFundMe.com will receive their copy as soon as they become available – hopefully in early August.
  2. Requested Handwritten Lyrics should receive them by early August too.
  3. Ordered T Shirts – have already received them!

The GoFundMe.com campaign has not reached “compensation” level but there are now sufficient funds to cover the manufacture of 2000 copies. As many as possible will be on sale from neilinnes.media/shop. We still need to raise money to recoup outstanding recording costs and then to hopefully fund the release of a “limited edition” vinyl double album.

We have looked at all this from every which way and while it is far from ideal, believe this is the best – and we hope the fairest – way of sharing the burden of being “burgled”.

IT IS STILL NOT TOO LATE to try and get your money back from Pledge!

Here is what to do:

  1. Call bank and ask for a debit or credit card chargeback. Make sure you have transaction ID and date ready before you call. This makes it easy for the person at the bank. It’s amazing how cooperative people are when you save them trawling through records
  2. Tell them you are requesting it due to Pledge breaking their agreement. Under the terms of the Consumer Act that means you are covered for 540 days from the transaction. If you say it’s for ‘goods not supplied’ you are only covered for 120 days. Stating: “Breaking their Agreement” is critical!
  3. Bank will ask you for all correspondence. Make sure you have that ready to roll…
  4. If possible, please donate your refunded pledge to the GoFundMe.com/neil-innes-the-new-album.

Then let us know via neilinnes.media to receive your copy of “Nearly Really”.

We’re sorry it’s taken so long to get to even this haphazard stage – we still don’t know all the answers – but we know a lot more than 6 months ago! Thank you for all your kind words and support – we hope you enjoy the songs – that was the original intention – and it still is!

With love xx Yvonne and Neil Innes