Will remember this morning for a while. Wake around 4am with headache which becomes bad at 6am and unbearable at 7am. 7.30 finds me staggering to the nearest shop for Tyrenol. Then out cold for about four hours during which time Neil is meeting Jason and a couple of radio guys downtown. Finally wake at about 1pm in a fug and decide to try and walk it off, so head for Central Park and the café I know – the Ballpark Café or something like that. Have a salmon salad and tea and slowly reappear in this world and it is still there and basically OK. Think it was that strange tasting wine although when I meet up with Tom and Neil – neither have had any ill effects. Maybe tougher than me.

Showtime and numbers down from the heady high of yesterday.. Two friends we met this summer in Deja while on holiday with Roger McGough and Barry Wom, come to see the show and it is good to see them. Although warm, this is a slightly self-conscious audience. Neil is really fed up with Dillons. Tomorrow we go out of New York city to Piermont and we are all looking forward to it. Tom and JJ are not at all tired and ready to boogie all night.