Meet Bob for breakfast in a deli close by the hotel. My melon arrives as their cooked breakfast has been eaten and the coffee makes your teeth jangle. Still we have a good talk about the secret Bonzo concert in January – oh no not the leg irons… get off get off!!!!!

Later meet Tom and JJ for a walk through Central Park culminating in lunch in an open-air café where there are ‘no smoking’ signs. So the guys have to step over the flower border into the open air next to the open air of the café to smoke. Unbelievable!!!! Take a moody photo of the trio on the way out of the park- could this be the next album cover I’m wondering.


(This gives you an idea of the amazing amount of thought that had gone into the advertising of the gig. In fact the arrow was JJ’s idea.)

He thought Neil should do one big New York gig and travel around the east coast. We had been convinced that Dillons was the place so we asked him if he could fill the one date we couldn’t do at Dillons – Sat 10th which he duly did. Now sitting in an Irish pub/restaurant with him, having been proved wrong about Dillons, he is in no way saying ‘I told you so’. In fact he is positive and talks about a tour next May June taking in big towns and cities maybe around the North-east. Neil picks up an issue of The Voice and Onion both of which have short listings about the show and then we head back to the hotel for a zizz before setting out for Dillons. Surprise at Dillons when Tom turns up having bleached his hair snow-white.



He and JJ have had a ‘bleach and sleep’ day so should be ready to rock, but , having slept in the afternoon, JJ feels like zombie–sleeping during the day has that effect on me too – so I go to find him some energy pills. The band have an audience of 18 tonight including Tony Elliot and two friends, as well as Ken Dashow, a longterm friend and fan and similarly Bill Kates of XM radio. There is also a friend of one of Neil’s golfing friends in England who calls over to Neil as he comes onto the stage that he is a friend of this guy and then proceeds to talk about him, as if unaware that there is an audience waiting to hear a show. Amazing self confidence (???) some people have. But this is a warm, happy audience joining in, getting all the jokes and applauding Tom’s solos. Tom outdoes everything he has so far done with his playing in ‘One of those People’ – the bass is alive. The audience have a good time and promise to send more people our way. It is desperately necessary. Later we stay an hour or so and then decide we need to eat, so the four of us find Ben Ashes on 7th Avenue where the service is a lot better than the food. Have some very expensive wine which is an odd colour, more like urine than white wine – even a heavy chardonnay is not that yellow. Tastes vaguely like I imagine urine would taste. Drink very little of it. Then say goodbye and wander back around 3pm