Again a late morning – what did you expect??? – though no hangovers. We pack and wait for the car to pick up the equipment and then the cases at our hotel. Say goodbye to our friends at Dillons and ease our way into the traffic and to JFK. Feel happy that things went as well as they had but sad that we had been let down so badly by the clueless venue. You could say that it is partly our fault for not doing a bit more research before we left and for not involving our agent. ‘Still crazy after all these years’ as the song goes.

But good things will come out of it, they always do – just takes a bit longer and you have to look a bit harder. Beautiful flight – I have to hand it to BA – so far have not had a bad flight with them. We arrive in old Blighty around 9am. The lovely Tess arrives with the band wagon and we load up and are driven home all in various stages of sonambulance.

We have a gap of 10 days now before the next gig at The New Cut Arts in Suffolk. But we will be back to the US hopefully in February to the warmer west coast for about a month – travelling around this time – San Francisco, LA, maybe Seattle and maybe more southerly venues. Nothing finalised yet.

Bye for now – will keep in touch during October – Neil is doing a series of solo gigs- and I look forward to writing the next part of the US tour diary in February.