Woken by a phone call from Ken Thornton who has arrived to see the show and give his very generous support as always. We walk down Broadway and find a small restaurant with tables outside where we have bowls of berries, scrambled eggs and coffee. Tonight we are hoping for a good crowd, being Saturday, and we are not disappointed. Mark and Carol Lapidos arrive early as do several other fans – one from Toronto, David Brown, who we met when we toured the US last year. Good to see him. Also a young fan with his mother and, unbelievably, have again mislaid names here. (If you read this please send me an email with your names-in case we meet you when we come to the US next time). They are lovely people and, as you can see, get right into this Ego Warrior thing. Generally a good crowd and the band responds and takes two encores. Neils chats to the young ‘Warrior’ for a long while and then to Mark and Carol while I clear up and get the guitars etc into their homeward bags. Then we take some silly double bass photos and some photos of the bar guys and gals. Finally JJ Ken Neil and I return to last night’s restaurant mainly for the music leaving Tom at the mercy of the delightful Dillons bar staff- he is not sure whether he made it back that night



Mark & Carol Lapidos, Neil, Ken Thornton