Wake up with the birds as usual and am first in the queue as Starbucks opens it’s doors. Later when Neil joins the land of the living, we go and visit some new friends and spend a very pleasant and relaxing hour high up on a terrace above the city. Then into Jamba Juice for pick-me-ups; buck-me-ups; energy boosters; superchargers; battery fillers etc etc-get back to the hotel and fall asleep. We are that tired. Later JJ calls in on his way to see Mike Carlin and the DC Comic crowd. He too is tired but determined to keep going. We get a call from Carol Lapidos who is about to send emails to a huge amount of people to advertise the show. Can’t think why we didn’t think of asking them to do that before we came –‘better never late than’ I suppose. Hope it will bring people in tonight particularly – we have quite a few reservations for Friday and Saturday.

But no, it doesn’t work that quickly. We have the smallest audience of the week but fortunately James –bass player with Yo La Tengo – turns up with his girlfriend Amy and another friend. The set goes well and then afterwards we spend an hour or two with them. Then back to various hotels, walking or taxiing.




The ‘drama’ sequence elegantly acted by Tom and JJ while Neil is discussing
mindless violence on television. Hilarious part of the show.


Andrew(managers)wife and son with JJ and with Kira