Another sleepy day for Neil, Tom and JJ. Again I take Neil out for some air around lunchtime and watch slightly nervously as a large airship (dirigible??) moves through the air amongst the skyscrapers.



Turns out to be a wholly innocent. Back to hotel and to Dillons slightly earlier than usual to set up and soundcheck after the weekend. Am anticipating crowds tonite but turns out to be about the same number as usual, including Ira and Georgia – two thirds of Yo La Tengo. They bring two friends – really good to see them. There is a charity show on after Neil tonight and I am totally amazed by what happens next. Not only has the venue failed to do any publicity or even make an effort to help people when they get here to find out where to go. Not only do they answer the telehone to a fan asking if Neil was playing there with the words ‘Neil who? I don’t know who you are talking about – you must have the wrong number!!!’ We got this from the fan who, fortunately for us, persisted. But also they let anyone wander in, find Jason or Martin, talk loudly about their set after Neil and walk out again letting the door bang noisily behind them – ie does anyone know there’s a show going on ???. Disgusted isn’t the word for how I feel watching these total creeps behave like this in the middle of Neil’s set. In the end I sit outside the room and physically stop anyone going through.

The other thing that happens tonight is that at least 10 people push past me saying they are friends of Jasons – implying that therefore they do not have to pay. Watching them enjoying the show, moving to the music and laughing out loud etc makes me feel ill. After the show two guys do come up and pay the $30 but not all. Who are these people??? Total dickheads is who they are and hopefully, having been turned on to Neil’s work by this ‘free’ show, they will access and read this. Oh please, Oh please.

Later Neil I Tom and JJ go out to eat with Ira and Georgia and this is the best part of the evening. Not only are they superb musicians – the last concert I caught in Kokos in London was one of the best live gigs I have ever heard –but they are also lovely people. Go and see them if you possibly can. Get back to the hotel late and straight to sleep. There is a recorded interview with Bill Kates at XM radio tomorrow so need ‘bright eyes and bushy tail’s, as they say over in England. Actually not many people say it. It’s not really a cool thing to say anymore. What do I know?



One thing I must mention – at the first show there were a couple of people who had come from Seattle to see the show and tonight there was a fan from Buffalo. Neil and I, Tom and JJ would just like to say a huge ‘THANKYOU’ to these special people.