Woke up luxuriously on soft white sheets with red purple and blue woven covers and cushions. Outside the sun was rising above the butte throwing the trees into shadow. We lit the gas fire which sent a warm glow through the room. Had long lazy showers, sorted our confused suitcases and stepped out for breakfast. Melon, scones and cinnamon toast with orange juice and good coffee. Then we wandered through a market close by buying small presents for Max and Issy. We saw some art work to die for, but too big to get home. One guy had made cotton paper ‘paintings’ brightly coloured and folded or twisted into relief. Have so little time here that we decided to hire bikes to explore the beautiful dark red buttes – Bell Rock, the Courtroom and the Cathedral –which we could see from our room. So we did, and although I can rarely get Neil to cycle in Suffolk, here he was up and down the ridges like a goat. I cycle all the time at home but here I had to follow trying not to fall off – it didn’t help that I couldn’t find my sunglasses and had to use prescription ones, so that small ridges took on the appearance of four foot drops. Did us both good – felt we had stretched out those cramped muscles after weeks in the car. We had lunch in a small restaurant then cycled back to the villa. Difficult to link this last relaxed week with the first part of the tour. Neil restrung his guitars and we made use of the last bit of holiday by doing absolutely nothing else.

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