I have at last spoken to Pledge Music and our agreement is now terminated.

I would like to make it clear that I have no wish to pour petrol on a fire that has broken out somewhere high up in their organization. I am frankly not interested in who or what is to blame. I believe the “good guys” in Pledge when they say they feel just as betrayed as the Artists and their loyal Supporters. Their platform is broken. They hope to regain the trust and goodwill of Artists and Fans alike – but this will take time – 30 to 90 days.

But this is too long to wait for my project, recording has begun with studio and musician costs incurred. My limited resources are dwindling. Consequently, I am busy looking for alternative ways to finance the recording/manufacture/artwork and distribution of the “new album”. Pledge Music have agreed with me the only way to make the best out of a bad job is to consider the following advice:

  1. You CAN get your money back IF you paid by a Credit Card with an insurance policy against fraud – such as VISA, Master Card or even PayPal. (Also, it is worth asking your bank if they have you covered)
  2. Please forward your Pledge “acknowledgement” to yvonne@neilinnes.media so that we can know Who and Where you are – and What you wanted. (We already have details for those of you who ordered T Shirts and/or Handwritten Song Lyrics.)
  3. IF you DO manage to get your money back, PLEASE consider donating the same amount to gofundme.com/neil-innes-the-new-album. WE intend to deliver our part of the original bargain – but need all the help we can get!
  4. We still hope to finish “The Greatest Album (of its kind) in the History of the World” with De Luxe Artwork, by this Spring – aiming for April. It will then become available from my website: neilinnes.media/shop – if you’ve had enough of “crowdfunding” for now!

THANK YOU for your patience and understanding, we are all in the this TOGETHER. Let’s be positive but mindful of the words of Oscar Wilde: “That Good triumphs over Evil is the True Nature of Fiction.”

Be Happy!

Peace and Love

Neil Innes.

PS: I DO believe the “good guys” at Pledge when they “can’t say how sorry” they are!