Liverpool is rapidly changing.  From the roads to the buildings to the venues to the shops – things are smartening up.   No empty or derelict shops here. The shopping centre literally buzzes with the sound of high heels and card machines.  Passing The Cavern, there are crowds of mainly Taiwanese tourists – proving that The Beatles are still big business.   Even the council is now housed in the magnificent Cunard building on the waterside. One or two buildings of historic interest survive as venues and many liverpudlians are determined to ensure they remain exactly as they are. One of these is the ‘Bombed Out Church’ .  I was uneasy about the church but I need not have worried.  An ingenious waterproof space had been erected inside the ruin for music, food and a bar.  Would have been a bit noisy if it had started to rain but the weather was fine and Neil’s two sets went without a hiccup – the audience joining in on all the Bonzo and Rutle songs.




The next day a concert was organised to commemorate what would have been John Lennon’s 75th birthday.  It took place in the derelict-looking Royal Court Theatre.  It is actually not derelict, just partly boarded up with the usual the rabbit warren scruffy backstage area. There was a long list of performers playing just 2 songs each – a nightmare for the sound guys I would have thought.   Neil did his Rutle medley and as usual the crowd sang along with buckets of enthusiasm. Before Neil, Mike Mcgann sang ‘Across the Universe’ and ‘How?’ beautifully, Huge applause again and after Neil’s set came the very colourful Mark Hudson (formally of The Hudson Brothers), and Earl Slick. They played ‘Working Class Hero’ and ‘I’m Losing You’. They were amazing. Fabulous musicians, fabulous sound.