Come morning we both still felt bad about this gig, but the owners of the Home Hill Inn spoiled us at with fruit, granola, yoghurt and croissants and though it was still raining, we agree to forget the gig and think about the next one. We scrambled into the car remembering we still had the end of the CD to listen to. Having detoured to New Hampshire just for the Home Hill gig, we found we were unable to get to Gananoque the way we wanted to go because of the flooding. We had hoped to take the ferry from Burlington and across to the main road to Montreal but when we got to the ferry, we found the dock had flooded. The ferry was there but you couldn’t get to it. The rain was torrenting down as we arrived at Canadian customs, thinking there would be the usual checks and we would be on our way. This time it wasn’t so easy. In spite of the fact that we had sheaves of contracts with us, we did not have the particular one for Hugh’s Room in Toronto so they did not believe our reason for crossing the border. We showed our agents name and number on officially headed notepaper but to no avail. Eventually we had to get a copy of the Toronto contract faxed to the customs officials and only then could we pass through. In the end we checked in to the Montreal Airport Aloft. Around 7 pm. We had a room high up facing the runway and we sat warm and dry with some sandwiches and salad, watching planes flying out and landing.