After an almost alcohol free night we were up with the birds. The first day of the new year has to be inspiring. So starting with coffee to blow your socks off we worked for about an hour – Neil on some lyrics for a musical version of…. –me catching up on emails and checking out plant names. Then we followed a path up a nearby hill to an old chapel and a gorgeous view. It took about 40 mins of climbing but what a treat. Something about these isolated chapels decorated with kids paintings and small bible scenes, all done with such care and so high up and away from most visitors. They are done simply for their ldeity and for themselves. Feels intrusive as a tourist to look at them -so personal, so perfect.



Only 20 mins to get down to the car . Brushing past, Pistachie, evergreen oak, butchers broom and brambles with very sharp thorns. As we relaxed back at the house all sorts of muscle twinges zapped up and down our legs – hot showers eased it a little. I walked down by the river but not much movement from Neil for the rest of the evening.