Funny how when you get to a place you like for a holiday it is always tempting to want to live there permanently. Might lose its attraction once there and dealing with French beaurocracy and taxes but neither of us feels particularly glued to anywhere although after 40 years in Suffolk we have a lot of good friends and a happy enough way of life. Looking across from Calais on the way home seeing a huge grey cloud completely obscuring England we wondered if we would have wanted to live there it hadn’t been our birthplace. Waking up most days here to a bright sky and a gentle warmth gave us a whole different feeling on time passing. It slowed us down making us take time over things we rush through there – composing. drawing, emailing – there never seems to be enough time. Over here in the warmth time seems to stretch. So we looked at a couple of houses and Wandered back full of dreams and wondering if we were idiots even thinking of moving to france at our age. Neil cooked supper and then we emailed and crossworded and TV’d out way through the evening.