Left early to go to Montpelier– so far my favourite French city. Was going to meet up with sister Maggie, and a friend of hers – Delia for lunch at Le Jardin Des Senses. Maggie and Delia are staying in Collioure about 2.5 hours away and we are 2.5 hours this side of the city.. Don’teven ask about trying to deal with tolls from a very large right hand drive car –but by the time I arrived in Montpellier I had had enough exercise to justify a lunch. Last time II came here I had cycled along the Canal Du Midi and this was the treat at the end of it. A fabulous market – interesting clothes, bags, shoes as well as every comestible you can think of.

This time we approached the square from a different angle and there were very few market stalls to see, possibly because the centre of the square was taken up by a huge Christmas globe. `Amazingly though, one of the few that were there was the same stall I had bought some clothes from after the cycle ride -around 5 years ago. Bought some more – just simple cheap clothes but cut so that they fall well. Cool colours etc.

Then we wandered back through the beautiful buzzy square to Jardin des Senses for lunch. This choice was a shot in the dark – I only suggested it because it had ‘Jardin’ in its name but did not like that it was v. expensive but right from the word go it was amazing. Tiny hor’s d’oevres with small exquisite portions of everything all beautifully cooked with wine to die for – all at a special offer January price of E49. Plan to take Neil there another day. Drove back under a fiery sunset oranges, yellows, purples reds around 6.30. Neil had been working all day and had, at last, come to grips with the song he is writing so we’d both had a good day.