Tour Overview

Tuesday, 7th June 2005 in Tours & Gigs, Rutles Farewell Tour 2005

Wake up, sun streaming through the windows – unusual for June. Jumpers don’t normally come off till August and then only for four weeks. Today the start of the Rutles Farewell Tour – a short sharp plunge into Englands heartlands for the intrepid six. Neil – composer of all lyrics on guitar, piano and vocals. […]

8th June

Wednesday, 8th June 2005 in Rutles Farewell Tour 2005

Leave Farnham around lunchtime – easy drive to London and then it is nose to tail so that instead of arriving nice and ‘first gig’ early we arrive late. Mickey is already there having just popped across from Surrey while John has been stuck in traffic for hours, so he arrives latest. Once you get […]

9th June

Thursday, 9th June 2005 in Rutles Farewell Tour 2005

Lazy day –nice after a good gig. JJ and Griff stay over so we eat a very late lunch outside watching the ducks eat the fish food and the rabbits eating the plants and then leave in plenty of time for London. After about 15 minutes come to a dead stop and find ourselves in […]

10th June

Friday, 10th June 2005 in Rutles Farewell Tour 2005

Today is Friday so it must be Stourbridge – west of Birmingham. The ride is longer than we think and we have no time to check in at hotel – especially when I take an unexpected half an hour detour – it was the American navigator..honest!!. No, not really Ken, I’m sure I misheard. The […]

11th June

Saturday, 11th June 2005 in Rutles Farewell Tour 2005

A short drive today to Stratford On Avon so we sit in the foyer of the hotel waiting as one by one the guys appear, Conversation is quiet in keeping with the hangovers. During the journey to Stratford Griff tells me of his last tour where they had a road crew with guitar technicians etc, […]

12th June

Sunday, 12th June 2005 in Rutles Farewell Tour 2005

Around 5am I wake and almost immediately think of Neil’s, guitar mike and ukele holder both of which fix on to the voice mike. I think about them because I realise I have no memory of putting them in the cases. Decide against asking for the van to be unpacked again to check since the […]

14th June

Tuesday, 14th June 2005 in Rutles Farewell Tour 2005

All the way down to Southampton on the south coast so up and off early – 10 ish, a couple of stops for coffee and sandwiches etc etc etc and we arrive at the hotel. This is the only bummer. Here you have a code you have to remember to keep on you to get […]

13th June

Wednesday, 13th July 2005 in Rutles Farewell Tour 2005

Monday is usually a day to avoid on the road. No-one really wants to go out on a Monday so the audiences are invariably smaller than they would be any other day Also we have a four hour drive to Chester, just south of Liverpool to Telfords Warehouse. The weather is predictably June, as Ken […]