U.K – 29th March

Tuesday, 29th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Shrewsbury Nearing the end of the tour and a van full of left-over chocolate rabbits and ducks. We leave home at half-twelve stopping to pick Tom and double bass up at Ipswich Station, giving ourselves very little time to get to Shrewsbury, which is north-west of Birmingham. We try phoning, but again only have the […]

U.K. – 30th March

Wednesday, 30th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Cheltenham And so to the final gig in the Town Hall at Cheltenham. We are expecting a huge echoey experience but the hall is quite modest, holding about 200 people. Tiny sound desk and very little lighting, but the guy who does it all is really good at his job, so for the last gig […]

U.K. – 31 March

Thursday, 31st March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Today we leave Cheltenham around 12pm and are home around 7pm having dropped Tom with his double bass and all his gear at his home in West Hampstead. Our house feels empty and unloved and it is not likely to see any kind of tender loving care till we are back from the US.

U.K. – 2nd and 3rd April

Sunday, 3rd April 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Neil has promised to be at Abbey Road Studios for the film festival. He plays ‘I must be in Love’ and ‘Back in ’64’ on Saturday before we all watch ‘A Hards Day’s Night’, the Beatles first film, which has the flimsiest excuse for a plot I have ever seen- actually no, I had seen […]