U.K. – 1st March

Tuesday, 1st March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Tense energy everywhere. All packed, tour schedules photocopied, hotels booked. That side of things fine. Where are the CDs? .Due to a couple of minor problems, the new CD ‘Works in Progress’ have not yet arrived. They were promised by 10.30 but still not here at 12. Starting to load the van when they arrive. […]

U.K. – 2nd March

Wednesday, 2nd March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Awoke at eight not sure where, what or how but Neil had promised to sign 400 CDs for Danny Barbour and he is to meet us at the hotel before we shoot up to Scotland. So we make a kind of conveyor belt – me opening CDs, Neil signing and Danny repacking. Then to MacDonalds […]

U.K. – 3rd March

Thursday, 3rd March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Neil and I wake late , miss breakfast and feel our way downstairs to meet JJ sitting reading a book having had breakfast and a walk and looking fresh as a flower. We can just about manage a coffee. I walk outside to take photographs and the full freshness of the Scottish lowlands washes over […]

U.K. – 4th March

Friday, 4th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Another long drive down to Cannock just north of Birmingham. All have Scottish money which is often rejected in England – there are so many versions of it that it is easy to forge. Need to find a bank. We don’t let Neil drive so the three of us did a couple of hours each […]

U.K. – 5th March

Saturday, 5th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Today Birkenhead – also Neil and my 39th wedding anniversary – yes you read that correctly 39!!!!!! And he’s right the first 25 years are the worst!!!! He brings me breakfast in bed after a near fight with management of hotel who were confused by the idea of taking a tray to a room even […]

U.K. – 6th March

Sunday, 6th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Journey from Birkenhead to Bolton is not at all bad. A sunny day and all feel elated by the reception last night – sold about 38 new CDs and many T-shirts. We take turns driving, stopping for sandwiches, coffees etc. It is Mother’s Day today in England but do not feel I can use that […]

U.K. – 7th March

Monday, 7th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

And on to Newark. We wonder what to do with the flowers. JJ suggests hanging them upside down so they will dry. Impractical to keep them in a jug of water. They add a little touch of femininity to what is fast becoming a male no-go area of blankets, beers, luggage, sweets and tobacco. An […]

U.k. – 8th March

Tuesday, 8th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

A long drive ahead, so we stagger over to the Little Chef and squeeze ourselves behind one of the tables. Benches are screwed to the floor so can’t imagine what happens to those with a slightly fuller figure. The only thing I feel like is toast and coffee so Neil makes up for it by […]

U.K. – 9th March

Wednesday, 9th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

This is one of those silly journeys when we have to go back up to the south Midlands to come down to the south coast again the day after. So with heavy hearts and a couple of heavy heads, we get into the van once more. Funny how there is never any argument over who […]

U.K. – 11th March

Friday, 11th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Arrive at Worthing early. In sea-front hotel by 1pm and then in room overlooking sea by half-past.  Because of the financial stringencies of the tour we always expect to be overlooking the dustbins, but Roadrunner can work fiscal wonders.   A room with a view! So with a sea view and a four poster bed we unpack everything over the […]

U.K. 12th March

Saturday, 12th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

It’s a Saturday so it must be Kings Lynn – quite a hike from Worthing. Not in American terms, but over here we think an hours driving should have got us to where we want to go and if it hasn’t, well, maybe we don’t want to go there! But we must go, so we […]

U.K. – 13th March

Sunday, 13th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Luke’s birthday (34 years old) and a day at home. I phone Luke, wondering how he could be 34 – seems like only yesterday he bounced into the world with a huge smile on his face and he is still the sunniest person.  He promises to come and see us and after that I answer […]

U.K. – 14th March

Monday, 14th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

The Civic Hall, Bedworth. The less said about this the better. Suffice to say it is a Monday evening, in a large hall where the first 20 rows are on level ground, then better seats raked to the back. So the audience fills the first two rows, then chooses the raked seats to get a […]

U.K. – 16th March

Wednesday, 16th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Wednesday dawns and we are off to Horsham. The Capital Theatre is almost in the middle of the town and we are told to look for a large glass box which was added to the original cinema a few years ago. There is a well designed foyer and bar area and a really good merchandising […]

U.K. 17th March

Thursday, 17th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

It is quite fortunate we actually get to this gig. The agents have given us the 19th instead of the 17th and it was only because of a phone call from Danny, having himself been alerted by a fan who lived in Camberley that there was confusion about the dates, that we checked and found […]

U.K. – 20th March

Sunday, 20th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

On Sunday we drive to The Stables at Milton Keynes. Everyone is looking forward to this gig. The Stables was built and funded initially by Cleo Laine and Johnny Dankworth and is a great place to play. Everything is there for the musicians including an excellent sound and lighting crew, many of whom are volunteers. […]

U.K. – 22nd March

Tuesday, 22nd March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Redhill Did anyone notice the deliberate mistake from entry on 16th march? ‘TV’ is actually meant to read ‘Eye Candy’. A slip of the brain I’m afraid. A prize of self-congratulation to all those who noticed. So, to Redhill. Setting off in a merry mood and arriving at The Harlequin Theatre after going round the […]

U.K. – 23rd March

Wednesday, 23rd March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Southend-On-Sea Woke next day to find the van hemmed in. Luckily the car which is doing the damage can be bumped away and we finally get on the road about 12pm.  An easy ride and we get to Southend with enough time to get to the sea and have lunch – a luxury on a […]

U.K. – 24th March

Thursday, 24th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

Rhyl The journey to Rhyl takes longer than expected and we arrive around 5pm. The sound guy has already been in touch to find out what we need in the way of mikes etc so we anticipate nice and well- managed gig. The outside of the venue is nothing if not completely depressing, although you […]

U.K. – 25th March

Friday, 25th March 2005 in Road Trip U.K. 2005

I think the journey back from Rhyl deserves a page to itself – more for the photographs than anything else. About half-way through the journey we stop for a stretch and a bite to eat. The café is completely full – everyone is on the roads at Easter- so we sit in the garage shop […]