May/June 2006 Overview

Wednesday, 3rd May 2006 in May/June 2006

Wednesday dawned – our last in the US. Having experienced Yosemite the day before we did not want to shop for gifts for home on our last day but we had to. The lady at reception told us that Sonora was worth seeing and so Tom, JJ and I drove in leaving Neil to sleep […]

4th May

Thursday, 4th May 2006 in May/June 2006

Had forgotten how beautiful Bath is – if you are coming to England, go to Bath – it has just about everything including, at this particular time a Spiegeltent, at which Neil and Tom were to perform. The Spiegeltents are fabulous spaces loved by audiences as much as performers and they seem to attract a […]

10th May

Wednesday, 10th May 2006 in May/June 2006

began with a walk along the river to a café for breakfast, during which I saw a tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifer) in flower – the first I have ever seen. No this isn’t the tree, this is Neil and Tom being coy about being photographed. Actually it was the river I was shooting – they […]

9th June

Friday, 9th June 2006 in May/June 2006

Another long journey. Stayed over the night before in an airport hotel as we were due to fly at 7am. Flight fine although coming into land on a small island definitely takes your breath away. Pilots seem to hover as if looking for a safe place to land and then go for it., leaving stomachs, […]

10th June

Saturday, 10th June 2006 in May/June 2006

Wake to the monotonous singing of the cicadas – one of my favourite sounds because it tells me I am not in the UK. Took car into the nearest town for cheese, wine water etc and returned to meet the boatkeeper. He took us through the mooring proceedures and then we wandered back for breakfast […]

11th June

Sunday, 11th June 2006 in May/June 2006

Woke to a grey sky followed quickly by rain-something we are used to. Had breakfast undaunted while watching the branches of the old olive tree twist even more against the wind. A sudden burst of sun found us spreadeagled on the shingle and swimming in the crystal clear water. Will never understand how the Mediterranean […]

11th – 22nd

Thursday, 22nd June 2006 in May/June 2006

Just holiday things – more of the same. Motoring out to the middle of the bay to swim off the boat, then realising it was impossible to get back into the boat from the water. Pulling into those little unexplored places to be attacked by horseflies as big as hornets with spiny sea urchins smothering […]