The New Album – LATEST

Wednesday, 3rd April 2019 in Noticeboard

[Still no title decision] Some movement at last. I have been advised to withdraw the donations to complete mixing and mastering. THE ALBUM NEEDS TO BE HEARD. Plans now are for a CD to be manufactured and SOLD online via Hopefully this will generate enough funds to release a vinyl double album at […]

The New Album: UPDATE

Friday, 22nd February 2019 in Noticeboard

Recording in Australia is complete. Some final mixing to be done. Superb contributions from everyone involved – including Andy Partridge [XTC] – I could not be more THRILLED! But, right now, my options are limited. Mastering, Artwork, Manufacture and Distribution have yet to be funded and I have no more money to spend. Yvonne has […]

Neil Innes/Pledge Music: IMPORTANT UPDATE:

Wednesday, 6th February 2019 in Noticeboard

I have at last spoken to Pledge Music and our agreement is now terminated. I would like to make it clear that I have no wish to pour petrol on a fire that has broken out somewhere high up in their organization. I am frankly not interested in who or what is to blame. I […]


Thursday, 31st January 2019 in Noticeboard, Other

“THE NEW ALBUM” and PLEDGE MUSIC. Last year, Steve James and I got together to plan a “New Album”. [Steve worked with me on both Rutle albums and the Innes Book of Records] We approached Pledge Music and launched a campaign. In December 2018, a target of £25,000 was reached. Musicians and Studio were booked […]

Fund Raising for New Album

Saturday, 8th September 2018 in Noticeboard

We have launched a fund-raising campaign with for a new album to be released in 2019. Pre-production begins in 2 weeks when Steve James – who engineered both Rutle albums – “All You Need Is Cash” and “Archaeology” – (as well as series 2 and 3 of Innes Book of Records) – flies in […]


Thursday, 21st July 2016 in France, Noticeboard

We ARE getting on with things! We ARE catching up with your orders – THANK YOU for your patience… Here’s a little announcement I made for … MORE soon… xx N