And a long drive to Windsor – around 6 hours and the weather has changed. Thought it was too good to last. Blustery and rainy- we drove and stopped as usual, but this time using the time not driving to doze. Arrived at hotel and walked around corner to venue – The Capital Theatre. A nice space with a raised stage and seats. The dressing rooms were fine and, as usual, Mark had provided food – this time wraps and fruit – blueberries and strawberries and doughnuts. The sound check went well enough although was not the best they have had. From the moment the doors opened it was obvious there was not going to be a big audience. Today had been the funeral of a very popular young police officer who had been shot while on duty. This sort of violence had never happened before in Windsor and in every shop you could see memorials and obituaries. The mood was definitely down. But this was not the place for Neil anyway. Small theatres are one thing, but towns like this where Neil and all he has done would be unknown, rely heavily on fans coming over from Detroit for an audience. Most had done just that but the fans who did come had to put up with the worst sound the band have ever had. It was as though someone had decided to screw up the gig and moved all the settings on the sound desk. The guys could not hear each other or themselves, the bass was loud then quiet. Neil’s backpacker sounded like a completely different instrument. All the guys came off stage in a fury. The sound guy did not attempt to explain, just sat in the stalls watching us load the equipment. Then came out to shake hands!!!!. There was little point in even beginning to say what they thought. Neil will never come here again or work with this guy ever – he obviously is either completely incompetent or a guy with a grudge or he just doesn’t care. The nice thing about the gig was that the Strickland family – very old friends – arrived in force – seven of them sitting right in the front row. Good to see them all. Back at the hotel the bar was still open so we were able to relax and talk about other things. Tom got them to play his Big Strides CD and stayed up cavorting while the rest of us hit the sack. Poor JJ only had 3 hours of sleep that night as a partying Tom bought a bunch of friends up for a drink.