No gig today – all we have to do is change hotels and get half way to Cleveland, so we wind up in Hamburg on the outskirts of Buffalo. We got so absorbed in The Midnight House while we were driving, that we took the CDs into the hotel to listen to later. Would make a change from the television which gives you headaches. There was a mall near Hamburg so we could sort out our US mobile, which hasn’t let us get through to anyone since being stopped by Canadian customs. Also I managed to get some pretty pink swim suits, from Macys, which will be a nice change from the black sports costumes I have to buy from hotels when I forget to pack them. I book hotels with pools and fitness suites and then we are often too tired to use them. In the mall there was one of those very American food halls so we bought supper for the evening, breakfast for the next morning and lunch as well. The food looks so good you cant decide what to get, so you end up with far too much, a bit of this and a bit of that and then a bit more. Then we settled back to listen to The Midnight House. Having someone read to you is so relaxing. The trouble is it is so relaxing and soporific that we both fall asleep several times while we listen and lose the thread of the story. Later I swim and used the walking machine – don’t think it does much good but it makes you feel virtuous.