A gap of two days during which we get used to being on the road again – complaining about each others driving, spending money on things we don’t need, forgetting the things we do.  Endless phone interviews during which I try to escape for some air on my own in downtown New York, where I love to get lost. PIC no 1713 Now a pink dawn comes up over the Hudson.  I try and imagine a plane coming down on it – must have been spectacular.

So what’s not to like about America apart from the Tea Party and those women whose cutsy voices have never matured from around 4 years old.  There’s a lot to like.  Trees for example and the way the sun sets aboves the facades of the endless malls.  People – educated and erudite, caring and concerned – the sort of people who regularly turn up to see Neil and are a joy and an education to talk to, which I never tire of, and which is probably one good reason I come on these trips. Last night I learned the basic rules of ice hockey!