Not an auspicious start. The Adelphi is hosting a Beatlefest type of event this weekend so the dining room is crowded with a long queue. Many people recognise Neil and comment on the show. The Liverpool Beatlefest has far less emphasis on selling mountains of merchandise than the US ones- just one small kiosk tucked away in the foyer. Today the band must to pick up the instruments from the Cavern and transport them to the Carling Academy. When we arrive at the Cavern there is no-one about so I offer to go and seek out a human. This results in my getting stuck in the depths of the Cavern with Otto, loading all the gear into the lift- mainly on my own because there is no way of getting in touch with those above ground. Finally up and breathing fresh air and on to the Carling. Mickey is already there with all keyboards set up and soundchecked. John and Griff turn up having had the same problems with the multitude of diversions criss-crossing the centre of Liverpool.

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If you want to know how exciting it is ‘behind the scenes’ …………….