All the way down to Southampton on the south coast so up and off early – 10 ish, a couple of stops for coffee and sandwiches etc etc etc and we arrive at the hotel. This is the only bummer. Here you have a code you have to remember to keep on you to get in and out. Half of each room is taken up with a cupboard which opens out into a mini kitchen and the beds are fitted around that. We have about an hour before the gig so we try to avoid looking at the room and relax. Then off to The Brook. Now you are talking. This has to be the best venue. The space is on two levels – standing below and seating above. Two bars, good sound. Amazing dressing rooms – a room with comfy chairs, a lounge with a TV, a kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony. I take some Rutles photos on the balcony. The show begins and both halves get huge applause.
Afterwards curries are ordered and eaten in the upstairs bar. Mickey is driving home tonight- very wise considering the alternative, so his gear is loaded into his car. There are hugs and goodbyes and ‘see you in Liverpools’ – the very very very last Rutles gig…….. until the Reunion.
The audience getting into the spirit of the thing at The Brook
JJ, Ken, Griff and Mickey with John and Neil seated15
And with Tom
Going over a few numbers at home ready for the next visit

And finally a few thoughts and comments from the band:

Griff ‘Why not a World Comeback Tour. We could go to the gym, dye our hair etc etc’

JJ The only good thing about not having a personal technician or roadie is that you learn how to 

fix a snare drum with fuse wire. 

John ‘Rutalot, the musical ?’

Neil ‘Yeh!! Other peoples jokes set to music you CAN remember!!.’

And finally finally one more of Tom’s poems:

Why oh waiku

‘I sit with lager

writing, aware that my pen

will run out aga ‘

and finally to the third and at the penumtimate moment a word or two from Mickey

So, touring with the Rutles.

Firstly, I have to say it was a real pressure, & all the musicians were absolutely excrement.

Favourite moment?

The Brook, Southampton, Easy Listening, song counted in, played the intro, first line didn’t arrive. Why? Wom’s on the phone!

“Sorry, no, can’t talk now, I’m just about to sing a song . . . . . . “


Which brings us nicely on to the “Wom-fills”. 

A drum fill usually happens over a set amount of beats, commonly at the end of a phrase to mark the start of a new section. 

That’s the theory.

Wom-fills have their own set of rules. 

They may start on time, but not obligatory. 

They may be the same tempo as the rest of the song, but it’s not vital. 

They may finish on the beat, but either side is acceptable.

The game is catching the front of the fill, surfing along with it & trying to get off at the same time. 

Tricky, but good fun.

Neil, “Captain on the bridge”, was gorgeous as ever.

I particularly liked the bouncy piano stand. In the trade known as an X-frame, it’s the stand you put a portable keyboard on. The problem is they flex, a lot! 

I raise this issue because many people will have heard a few bum notes from the piano. 

It’s not the fault of the pianist, it’s the stand that turns the piano into a moving target!!! 


Mind you, you have to laugh, don’t you?

A nice addition to this tour was the arrival of the Wookiee.

What a nice bloke, lovely stand-up bass player, great poet, constantly helpful, always cheery, & if you’re reading this, Chewy, I searched all over Glastonbury for you having forgotten the name of your band. Sorry I missed you, I really did try.

The other bonus on the tour was, of course, the rock-chick.

What a difference it makes to have a bit of totty around. 

I don’t know if everyone’s aware of the wonderful things Ivvy can do with a camera. 

I’ve seen the results & my hat is well & truly taken off. I was extremely grateful when she gave me a photograph at the end of the tour.

Talking of hats off, major praise to Rutling Ken. 

Brilliant (& I don’t use that word lightly) guitarist, but what a trooper! 

Heart surgery, straight out on tour, & still trying to carry stuff out to the van! Daft-head!

Actually, when you stop to think about it, Ken post-op, me with my back, Griff with his back, the sixties club with their dementia, it only really left the wookiee & JJ fighting fit!!

What an outfit.

But I wouldn’t change a thing about them.

Thank you for letting me be part of it.