Around 5am I wake and almost immediately think of Neil’s, guitar mike and ukele holder both of which fix on to the voice mike. I think about them because I realise I have no memory of putting them in the cases. Decide against asking for the van to be unpacked again to check since the gig is quite close to the hotel. Mickey drives me back and we search, find nothing and drive to Cambridge hoping the sound guy at The Junction will have some spare fittings. Stop at John’s pub for lunch and then to the Sleep Inn Hotel for a couple of hours. Have to give the ‘Sleep Inns’ a bit of a plug here. They are a lot better than travelodges and as cheap. Plug over. Finally drive to The Junction. Was here that we saw Emo Phillips if you have been paying attention and has this place changed since then. Must have had lots of the green stuff spent on it. It is still a wide open space with a large high stage-perfect for The Rutles. Not only that but the stage is relatively near the car park and there are technicians on hand to help with the unloading so everything gets carried through painlessly. I am trying to sort out contractual details with the manager when a cry of joy rings to the rafters. The guitar mike and the violin holders are where they should be, packed with the leads in the piano flightcase. Felt good about that but also slightly uneasy about remembering nothing about packing them the night before. Griff brings his wife, Mary which means I can indulge in girl-talk which has been severely lacking over the last few days. The high stage is good for Neil Innes+Friends – the sound is great and the audience is loving it. The Rutles have all the room they need and although they themselves do not feel over happy about the sound on stage, it sounds really good to the audience and Mary and I dance through the whole set. Strange how few people dance even when there is the space. Mary also turns out to be excellent at selling CDs so we have a good night generally. John’s wife Elaine comes for the Rutles set with their sons Matt and Rue and after the gig John and Griff go home while the rest of us head off down the motorway to slumberland at the Sleep Inn.